Welcome to Secure Simple Cardano (ADA) Stake Pool

Name: Secure Simple ADA Stake Pool
Ticker: SSASP

We love the vision of Cardano and have been following the project for a while now and finally got the time to implement a stake pool. Since we require no financial overhead in running our stake pool (other than ecstatic joyous labor), our goal is to have this stake pool available indefinitely. Any amount you stake with us, we greatly appreciate and please bear with us as we improve upon this site.

Why you should stake your ADA with us:


Our servers are bare metal, enterprise grade, running in a climate controlled data center with plenty of bandwidth, ready to spin up more CPUs, RAM or servers in a moment's notice.


99.9% uptime with redundant hardware, bandwidth providers, backups, etc.

Uptime Status Errors


Security is of our highest concern and our IDS/IPS is policing, reporting and blocking problem Ip addresses constantly. Other than the load balancer relay port, our stake pool nodes are completely behind a firewall.


We are not using a standard/common cloud providers and are running our own hardware.

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)

Our infrastructure has to run regardless for other business endeavors and always had ESG in mind. This pool is not consuming any more energy than is required by the pool processes.


No pool fees for the time being.